Doha / Qatar F5 & F6 Futures
5th-18th December 2016

Hello from sunny Doha in Qatar!
I have decided to play last two tournaments of the season in December. It's a really nice place to play tennis as we play on the same venue as they use for the ATP tournament in January. We also get to stay in Hotel Marriott marquis which has 43 floors and an outdoor swimming pool on 7th floor ;) so you don't really feel like you are playing a futures tournament.

First week I had to play 8th seed Yan Bai from China who was already around 200ATP but dropped a bit now because of injuries. I have played a very solid match, not giving anything away and serving big. I won 6:3 6:1 and I was through to the 2nd round where I would face frenchman Geoffrey Blancaneaux who won junior Roland Garros this year. The conditions were very windy and it was difficult to be aggressive and hit winners, Geoffrey was too solid on the day and I made too many mistakes due to trying to be very aggressive in those conditions, I lost 2:6 2:6.

Second week I played 1st round against a qualifier from Iran and I won 6:4 6:1. In the 2nd round I was facing the winner of the first week, Ramkumash Ramanathan ranked 240ATP. The match was really even, and with many good rallies. At the end I lost 3:6 3:6.

All over not a bad trip, 2 more ATP points and in total 14 puts me at career high 948 in the world. Thank you to everyone who supports me!
5th-11th December 2016
12th-18th December 2016